Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig

March is Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month, and we certainly did just that.

Our last set of re-homed Guinea Pigs came from a wonderful lady in Blackpool who rescues and re-homes Guinea Pigs (check out her Facebook Page for more information and to donate – she always needs donations of bedding, food and money!). We re-homed three Guinea Pigs from her last time, two girls and a boy, and this time we ended up re-homing two girls.

Here they are! Morse and Lestrade. Morse is an Abyssinian aged 7 Months and Lestrade is a Peruvian aged 1 year.

Adopting Rescued Guinea Pigs

Adopting Rescued Guinea Pigs

Unfortunately the boy we re-homed last time passed away last month so we are now down to five girls. Mia, Holmes, Columbo, Morse and Lestrade. There’s a detective theme…

Here come the girls!!

Adopt Rescued Guinea Pigs

Why don’t you find your nearest rescue and re-home shelter and Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig into a happy home?

To find out more about getting a guinea pig for the first time, see my post on Getting Started with Guinea Pigs or Rabbits to make sure you have everything you need.

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