A List of Monarch Butterflies

White Monarch Butterfly

Today, February 5th, is Western Monarch Day according to whatisyourspiritanimal.com, so I’ve put together a List of Monarch Butterflies to help you identify them, especially if you’re helping in the American National Monarch Count (see SouthWest Monarch website for more info, and visit the Pacific Northwest’s Facebook Page).

  • Danaus Plexippus, the Northern and Western Monarch, mostly found in North America
Male Monarch Butterflies
Male Monarch
Female Monarch Butterflies
Female Monarch
  • Danaus Erippus, the Southern Monarch, mainly found in South America
Southern Monarch Butterflies
Southern Monarch
  • Danaus Cleophile, the Jamaican Monarch, mainly found in Jamaica and Hispaniola
Jamaican Monarch Butterflies
Jamaican Monarch
  • Monarch Nivosus, the White Monarch, commonly found in Hawaii
White Monarch Butterflies
White Monarch
  • Danaus Genutis, the Indian Monarch, is found in India
Indian Monarch Butterflies
Indian Monarch
  • Danaus Chrysippus, the African Monarch, is common to Asia and Africa
African Monarch Butterflies
African Monarch

Visit the National Wildlife Federation page for more information.

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Information and images courtesy of Wikipedia where you can find credits for the photos

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