10 Facts About Pigs

Facts About Pigs

Facts About Pigs
Today is National Pig Day, according to AVMA.org so here are 10 Facts about Pigs

1. Pigs have 44 teeth

2. Pigs have 4 toes but only use the 2 larger front ones to walk

Pigs and teeth3. Not all Pigs have curly tails

4. Pigs are remarkably clean and never poop where they eat or sleep

Pig Toes and Tails

5. Pigs have a terrific sense of smell and are used to locate truffles

6. Piglets know their name by 20 days old


7. Pigs communicate with each other through grunts

8. Pigs are not too different from humans genetically and research is underway as to whether we can use Pig organs safely for human organ transplants (Here is a recent article by the Independent from 2017)

9. A shrieking Pig can scare an Elephant, and War Pigs were used against War Elephants from around 250BC

10. Pigs learn tricks faster than dogs

Pigs Learning Tricks

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