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Work With Us

Work With Us! Super Fluffy Animals is constantly looking for responsible, detail oriented and professional individuals who are compassionate toward animals. We want people who share our pet care philosophy and genuinely love pets.

Pet Sitting is ideal for people without a pet of their own and with other forms of income, who work from home or are retired.

We are looking for Pet/House Sitters for a range of Sitting Services:

  • Level 1 – Pets can be left unattended up to 5 hours during the day – Perfect for people who have a full time job but can visit the pet during their lunch break
  • Level 2 – Pets can be left unattended up to 2.5 hours during the day – Perfect for a range of busy people!
  • Level 3- Pets can NOT be left unattended (24 hour care) – Perfect for people who work from home or who are retired
  • House sitters only – Perfect for people who aren’t fans of animals but would like an additional small income and a change of scenery

What will be expected of me?

Duties may include

  • Walking dogs
  • Feeding and watering animals
  • Brushing animals
  • Cleaning litter trays and other animal messes
  • Administering medication to animals
  • Giving animals company
  • Keeping the house safe and secure
  • Keeping the house tidy/clean
  • Watering plants
  • Moving mail
  • Putting the bins out
  • These are just a few examples!


This is a self employed, freelance position and payment is PER JOB.

  • 1-3 nights you will be paid 40%
  • 4-6 nights you will be paid 50%
  • 7-9 nights you will be paid 60%
  • 10+ nights you will be paid 70%

If you have the experience and want to learn more about what our company offers, please fill out the questionnaire form below. We will be in touch soon!

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Please State Names And E-mail Addresses Of Two people That We Can Contact For A Reference.
Preferably One Employer Reference and One Character Reference or Two Character References If You Are Retired (Character References Must Not Be Family Relations)

*We Will Not Contact References Prior To Interview

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